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Blog Widgets

Blog widgets same as blog listing comes with different templates and styles.
Use blog widgets separately or mix them.


Default widget

You can set amount of columns and image size in theme settings. Big images will be cropped.

Concept to Creation: Deployment 3.0

Concept to Creation: Deployment 3.0

As the CEO and head of the design department at Anthrax, I'm thrilled to introduce a product that's not just a new release, but a labor of love and innovation: the Deployment Backpack 3.0. This backpack represents more than two years of relentless work, ideation, and testing, all driven by our commitment to create something genuinely transformative for our community of athletes and adventurers.

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Movement for Change | Creative Activity Center for the Disabled

Movement for Change | Creative Activity Center for the Disabled

Recently, Anthrax Sportswear made a financial donation to the organization "Drasi gia to kati allo", an organization that has created an equitable and different environment for caring for individuals with disabilities. «Drasi gia to kati allo» or in English «Movement for Change» began with a small team of university graduates who have been involved in disability issues for years. Over time, the group expanded to include more compassionate individuals.

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Big widget template

Add class following line to Custom template field in blog widget settings.


Mixed Big and Titles Widgets

Use different widget styles together. Here is an example of "Big" and "Titles" widgets templates in two columns.


Big in Two Columns

You can add specific post using Featured Blog Posts widget. Here is an example of two big widgets with different posts placed in columns

IWD 2024 Countdown

IWD 2024 Countdown

Anthrax joins the #IWD2024 countdown! On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day.
In this photo, you can see:
• Kyriaki, the Head Office Manager
• Maria, the Head of the Sewing Department
• Dora, the Quality Manager
These remarkable women are some of the strongest employees at Anthrax.

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Default widget Classic Style

Default widget also comes in athlete classic style if you choose "classic" style for blog listing.

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