Greek Warrior - Short Sleeve Rashguard

Greek Warrior - Short Sleeve Rashguard

Blue Splatter - Rashguard

80% of 100

This white machine series rashguard has blue splatters all over, featuring the Anthrax logo and the number 00 to remind us of where we all start, on our quest to become number 1.

  • Protects upper body from friction burns.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Helps preserve body temperature in both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Made of quick drying, moisture wicking elastic fabric.
  • Sewn with flat, elastic seams to maximise comfort and durability.
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How to choose the correct size of your rashguard:

  1. Using a tape measure, find out the circumference of your chest at the height of your arm pits. Compare your measurement to the chart below. If you want a really tight fit, go for a smaller size than what the chart indicates. If your measurement falls between two sizes, select the smaller one for a tighter fit or the larger one for a more relaxed fit. 

  2. After you are done with the chest measurement its time to measure your sleeve length. Using again the tape measure, note down the length from your collar to your wrist. This is your sleeve length. Compare it to the max sleeve length of the size you selected earlier. If your measurement is smaller or equal to the max sleeve length, you have selected the correct size. If your measurement is bigger than the max sleeve length than you must select a bigger size or select the option of "extra long sleeve".

If you still have questions about fit or sizing please contact Customer Service.

Rashguard size chart:

XS 30.7-32.7 78-83 26.38 67
S 32.7-34.7 83-88 27.56 70
M 34.7-36.7 88-93 28.74 73
L 36.7-38.7 93-98 29.92 76
XL 38.7-40.7 98-103 31.1 79
2XL 40.7-42.7 103-108 33.07 84
3XL 42.7-44.7 108-113 35.04 89
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