Every year, tons of unsold clothing from various global brands end up being destroyed or buried in landfills. This wasteful practice affects us all and has a significant impact on our environment due to overproduction. The more we produce, the more waste accumulates.

At Anthrax, we’ve revolutionized our production approach. Leveraging our expertise in custom-made clothing, we’ve introduced a new way to bring our ready-to-wear clothing collection to the market, available at www.shopanthrax.com. Our unique production process ensures that we only create clothing when we receive an order from you, our valued customer. By avoiding excess stock, we eliminate the need for discarding unsold items at the end of each season.

We proudly call this approach the Anthrax zero-waste pact, which explains why our shipping time ranges from two to four days. It’s a model we’ve meticulously perfected over years, and we remain committed to it. Our ongoing mission is to minimize the negative environmental impact of apparel production.

Isn’t it fascinating how resource-intensive even a simple T-shirt can be?

But our responsibility to protect the environment doesn’t end with the Anthrax zero-waste pact. We’re taking several actions in our day-to-day operations to promote sustainability:

• Recycling Production Waste: We recycle materials such as fabrics, paper, and packaging. Our facilities have special containers where textile waste is placed and then recycled.
• Paperless Office: We support the idea of a paperless office, and our goal is to be entirely paperless in the future.
• Plastic-Free Delivery: By 2021, we plan to complete our plastic-free delivery initiative. This means that packaging material used for the preparation and delivery of your order will be entirely free of plastic. Bye-bye plastic bags!
• New Product Family: We’re designing a whole new product family based on recycled synthetic fabrics and materials repurposed from ocean waste.

Together, we’re making a positive impact—one sustainable step at a time!