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Anthrax Sportswear is an ethical, eco-friendly sportswear brand and we believe that we should all respect our planet. Our vision is to minimize negative impact and to contribute to a better world. Overproduction has a huge impact on the environment. Moreover, the more we produce, the more waste is accumulated. Tons of unsold clothing is destroyed in landfills and this is a scourge for all of us. We only produce clothing when we receive an order and do not have in stock, unused clothing. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and sustainability is really important for us.


We have a responsibility to protect the environment and there are several actions that we are taking in our day-to-day operations to promote sustainable results.


1. We only manufacture clothes upon customer request and we do not have in-stock products.

2. We are recycling production waste such as fabrics, paper, and packaging. In our facilities, there are special containers where the textile waste is placed and then recycled.

3. We are supporting the idea of a paperless office and our goal is to be entirely paperless in the future.