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TonTon Sport Socks

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The new Anthrax customizable socks are made of soft fabric and are reinforced in crucial areas like the heel, toes, and arch. Add your name and number and create a unique pair of socks!

Create your own pair of socks and upgrade your look now!

Features include:

  • Re-inforced heels, toes, and arch
  • No-seams construction
  • Made of extra soft synthetic fabric

Note about names & numbers: If you select a two digit number, the first digit will appear on the left sock and the second digit will appear on the right sock. If you select a single digit number, the single digit number will appear on both socks. If you wish this to be different, please indicate so in the comments box!

Size info :

-Large for sizes 45 to 48 european (or 12 to 15 US)
-Medium for sizes 40 to 44 ( or 7 to 11 US)
-Small for sizes 35 to 39 (or 4 to 7 US)
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