Anthrax Sportswear & Olympus Marathon: 2nd Year Partnership Celebration

The 20th Olympus Marathon takes place in Litochoro, mt. Olympus, Greece in June 2024. Anthrax Sportswear has designed the collection for the 2nd year.

As we gear up for another exciting Olympus Marathon, Anthrax Sportswear is proud to celebrate the second year of partnership with this prestigious trail running event. Our collaboration has brought new ideas, and we’re excited to continue this journey!

The Olympus Marathon is an international mountain running event held annually on Mount Olympus, the mythical and also known as "Mountain of the Gods" in Greece. The race is a tribute to the ancient Greek tradition where people ascended Mount Olympus to honor and sacrifice to Zeus. The event features several races, including the Olympus Marathon (44km, +3350m), Olympus Ultra (71km, +5550m), Olympus Vertical (4.25km, +1000m), Kopsi ton Aeton/Eagles Ridge (12.5km, +480m) and Melindra Trail (5km, +180m). There are also more event races such as Olympus mini, Olympus Kids, Olympus Junior, and Olympus Special Race.
The marathon starts from the sacred city of Dion at sunrise on the last Sunday of June, following the sacred trail that ancient Greeks took to reach the summit.

A Legacy of Endurance The Olympus Marathon is more than a race; it’s a testament to human endurance and the spirit of adventure. Set against the mythical Mount Olympus backdrop, the event will take place on June 29, 2024, featuring the iconic 44km marathon and the formidable 71km Olympus Ultra.

Anthrax Sportswear: Tailored for the Gods At Anthrax Sportswear, we believe in creating apparel that’s as unique as the athletes who wear it. Our commitment to sustainability and European quality ensures that our gear not only withstands the rigors of Mount Olympus but also honors the environment it traverses.

Two Years of Trailblazing Reflecting on our partnership’s inaugural year, we are humbled by the positive impact we’ve made together. This year, we aim to elevate the experience further, outfitting runners in gear that’s been forged in the spirit of the gods.

Exclusive Olympus Marathon Collection In celebration of our ongoing partnership, we’re thrilled to showcase the exclusive Olympus Marathon Collection available online on shopanthrax.com. This specially curated selection features gear designed to meet the demands of the trail and the expectations of champions!

Join the Olympus Marathon Trail We invite you to be part of this storied race and wear the badge of the Olympus Marathon with pride! As you set out to conquer the mountain, know that you’re equipped with Anthrax Sportswear, where every stitch symbolizes our shared dedication to greatness.

Join us at the Olympus Marathon to experience the majesty of Mount Olympus! Visit our booth for a memorable snapshot of your adventure — capture the moment for free in our photo booth!

Anthrax Sportswear Heart Made Gift for Kids Race and Special Race for Participants with Disabilities

In honor of the children’s races and the events for individuals with disabilities, Anthrax Sportswear has crafted a unique gift for all participants. Inclusion and integration are powerful movements. We wanted to honor this initiative by creating a series of headbands. Running should be accessible to everyone, and visibility for diverse groups promotes diversity and equality in the world of sports.

The creative team at Anthrax Machines drew inspiration from all of this, designing elastic headbands suitable for every head or wrist that wears them. Our wish is to create a world that accommodates us all, without exclusion!


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