Celebrating the Anthrax Sportswear & Pindus Trail Partnership

At Anthrax Sportswear, we are proud to announce our continued partnership with the Pindus Trail project, a visionary endeavor undertaken by the organization of Terra Pindus. For the past two years, we have been committed to supporting this remarkable initiative that aims to establish a long-distance hiking trail across the majestic Pindus mountain range.

About the Pindus Trail Project

The Pindus Trail project is an ambitious effort to create a hiking trail that traverses the entire Pindus mountain range. This initiative not only promotes the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of the region but also plays a crucial role in revitalizing the almost deserted communities within the Pindus mountains. Terra Pindus, the driving force behind this project, is dedicated to preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the area while promoting sustainable tourism and outdoor activities.

Our Role in Supporting Terra Pindus

Since the inception of our partnership, Anthrax Sportswear has been actively involved in supporting the Pindus Trail project in multiple ways. We have designed bespoke clothing for the volunteers and members of Terra Pindus, tailored to meet their specific needs for durable, lightweight apparel that can withstand the demands of manual work and exploration on rugged mountain trails. These custom-designed clothes not only offer practical benefits but also visually convey the identity of Terra Pindus and the Pindus Trail project.

Our commitment goes beyond providing clothing. Anthrax has been a staunch supporter of the project through substantial financial contributions and other valuable resources. Our founder and CEO, Konstantinos Papapanagiotou, an avid long-distance hiker himself, is deeply involved with Terra Pindus.

He actively participates in the project, contributing volunteer work and sharing his passion for hiking and conservation.


The Importance of the Pindus Trail

For us at Anthrax, the Pindus Trail represents a praiseworthy cause. We recognize its immense value in reviving the beautiful but sparsely populated communities of the Pindus mountain range. By promoting sustainable tourism and creating new opportunities for local inhabitants, the Pindus Trail project aligns perfectly with our values of environmental stewardship and community support.

Launch of Exclusive Pindus Trail Merchandise

In further support of the Pindus Trail, Anthrax is excited to launch an exclusive series of Pindus Trail merchandise. This collection is designed to celebrate the spirit of the Pindus Trail and raise awareness about the project. A portion of the sales from this merchandise will be directly allocated to the Pindus Trail project, providing much-needed financial support to ensure the continued success of this initiative.


Join Us in Supporting the Pindus Trail

We invite our customers, peers, and the public to join us in supporting the Pindus Trail project. Your support will help preserve the natural beauty of the Pindus Mountains, promote sustainable tourism, and revitalize local communities. By purchasing our exclusive Pindus Trail merchandise or directly contributing to Terra Pindus, you can play a significant role in this noble cause.

At Anthrax Sportswear, we are committed to making a positive impact through our partnership with Terra Pindus and the Pindus Trail project. Together, we can ensure that the Pindus Mountains remain a thriving and vibrant region for future generations to explore and enjoy.

For more information about the Pindus Trail project and to explore our exclusive merchandise, please visit Terra Pindus and our e-shop.

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